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Ameriken Green Inc

Purchasing from Ameriken Green ensures you will receive a green product that has been carefully selected and abides by our company principles. We have included the relevant principle icons on each product page to further explain the reason behind each of our goods


Community Profit Sharing:

Giving back to the community For every $5.00 Ameriken Green Inc earns in net profit, it gives $1.00 back to the community.


Ecological Footprint:

Reduce your personal demand on nature. Choosing sustainable, lower impact goods will reduce your personal consumption of our natural resources and help you do your part in providing a balance between our society’s demand and the Earth's resource capacity.


Handmade & Fair Trading:

Respect for communities around the world. This ensures an honest and open relationship between producers and consumers across the globe by giving the dignity of fair wages and safe working conditions to workers while delivering high quality, sustainably produced goods to consumers.


Natural materials:

Healthy for everyone and easy on the Earth. Growing organic tea, coffee and cotton without chemical fertilizers or pesticides keeps our soil, air, and water clean and our farmers, workers, and children healthy.


Resource conservation:

Leaves enough for everyone. A simple task, such as choosing energy-saving light bulbs or low-flow water filters, can significantly reduce your resource consumption, therefore, your individual environmental impact.


Recycled goods:

Reusing materials respects our resources. Buying recycled products conserves our raw materials, saves energy, generates less waste and pollution, and ultimately, protects our ecosystem.